As an Art Photographer, based in Australia, I have a formalist concern with composition and a fascination with naturally occurring light. The images in 'GENUS' appeared naturally, and were not light-boxed in any way. Magical images are always watching us, but to see them, in that instant, we have to remain highly attuned. My principal focus is classic pictorialism that draws an entire narrative into a single frame to capture a magic described by Gerhard Richter as universal truth.

I enjoy shooting 'old skool', using traditional formats with a range of classic 35mm and medium format camera, and historical film types. There's Hasselblad, Leica, Mamiya, Nikon, Olympus, Lumix and some Russian junk. But, hey, a pic is a pic, so ut necessitates postulant. I just use whatever magic black box comes to hand. Even a point'n'shoot or, forgive me Fred, an iPhone!

My first SLR camera in 1974 was the revolutionary Olympus OM1 - then championed by English portrait photographers Litchfield and Snowdon. I started shooting B&W street photography in London, then moved to transparency film (Ektachrome) working the OM1 hard on 15 expeditions. These began when I worked as a kayak and mountain instructor in Scotland and Wales. Later, the OM survived a pioneering 1,600km sea kayak voyage around Tasmania, expeditions to Himalayan peaks, rivers and jungle, and into the unexplored Kimberley wilderness. Next, Australia's first expedition to the Arctic, through Force 10 storms in the North Atlantic and 260kph winter hurricanes in East Greenland. And during the 1980s, recording my exploration under sail of more than half of Greenland's navigable coast.

I've worked with stills, movie and video format in Australia, UK, France, Nepal, Italy, Austria, Greece, Denmark and Greenland. My images have been used in magazines, newspapers and audio-visual productions. Currently shooting video for online education programs. My greatest pleasure is working with people to create insightful and memorable portraits that reveal their inner beauty.

Check out my ongoing projects (1,2,3), as they are constantly evolving.
For a portrait commission, email me: earle (at) deblonville.net

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'Savage Coast' 

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