I'm Earle de Blonville, a photographer based in Australia.

I began working with film as a mountain instructor in Scotland, North Wales and the Lake District in 1974. My first SLR camera was the revolutionary Olympus OM1 - then championed by portrait photographers Litchfield and Snowdon. I worked it hard on 15 expeditions, including Australia's first expedition to the Arctic. It survived Force 10 storms in the North Atlantic and 260kph winter hurricanes in East Greenland. Not like my first Nikon FM2 which is still lying at the bottom of Denmark Strait, perfectly preserved in pristine, sub-zero water.

Over 48 years, I've worked with stills and some movie format in Australia, UK, France, Nepal, Italy, Austria, Greece, Denmark and Greenland. My images have been used in magazines, newspapers and audio-visual productions.

My focus is shooting 'old skool', using traditional formats with a range of classic 35mm and medium format cameras and historical film types.

My professional work is Advanced Leadership Programs. You can visit my site here: DEBLONVILLE.COM

You can also learn about my expedition Leadership book 'Savage Coast' here: EARLEDEBLONVILLE.COM

You can follow my Leadership thoughts and discussions on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/earldeblonville/

And here is where you can view my Leadership videos.

Watch the trailer for my documentary film 'Savage Coast' here.